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Does your pool and backyard feel like a BURDEN and an eyesore?

​have all the facts
before making a decision

​When ​beginning a backyard makeover there are a lot of options to consider at each stage of the work no matter how big or small the project.

​​The crew from Fibre Tech were very professional. The job was done quickly and neat. I would highly recommend them. This is the second job from Fibre Tech and both were 1st class.

​​- ​James Speer

​bring back the joy and fun to your backyard!

​Discover a variety of products that could restore the beauty and value ​almost immediately.


​Gain some great insight that will help add value to your home and ​get ​you playing IN the pool rather than working ON it.

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​Our FREE Gift to You:
Back Yard Makeover ​Video Series & e-BOOK

​​​We put together a series of short videos and compiled some great insight ​that will provide ​​guidance and save you ​time!

Fibre Tech: Our Flagship Product

​Fibre Tech is a smooth, durable finish that looks great and will immediately restore the beauty to your pool. It seals cracks, eliminates leaks and reduces maintenance and operating costs too.

Considering an Entire Back Yard Makeover? 
We've Got You Covered!

​We can replace your waterline tile, upgrade your pool deck and patio, or even replac​e your pool equipment!

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