If you are a homeowner who is tired of the same old problems and unsightly appearance of your pool, let us show you how the Fibre Tech Pool Preserver Process can help you fall in love with your pool again.

When it comes to resurfacing residential pools or commercial pools, Fibre Tech is the ultimate solution to the many pool problems homeowners face – such as a dingy appearance, stains, cracks, leaks and more. Thousands of satisfied customers across the country have discovered how Fibre Tech transforms old pools into sparkling surfaces that look brand new and last for decades – while also saving you money in the long run.

At Fibre Tech we have the experience and expertise to resurface any swimming pool regardless of size, shape or existing materials.

Over the last quarter century, Fibre Tech has earned an unsurpassed reputation as the most trusted experts in pool resurfacing and the highest quality product on the market. In fact, our pool resurfacing process is so reliable that Fibre Tech is the number one choice throughout the pool resurfacing industry with a proven record of customer satisfaction. Our innovative process creates a strong, smooth, beautiful surface that comes with an incredible 25-year limited warranty. Compare that to other resurfacing processes such as marcite, vinyl and painting that offer little or no warranty and the difference is obvious – Fibre Tech is the best by far.

The Fibre Tech process was specifically designed for any situation where a structurally sound, waterproof barrier is needed. Our unique coatings permanently adhere to concrete, steel, aluminum, or virtually any structurally sound surface. The bottom line is that if you have a pool that needs resurfacing, we can make it look like new and last for decades with Fibre Tech.


In addition to pool resurfacing, the experts at Fibre Tech offer pool finish maintenance and tips and even complete backyard renovation services. From installing new decking to creating screened rooms, replacing and upgrading equipment and much more – we can transform your pool and your entire backyard into a beautiful new environment that your family will enjoy for generations. We also have the capabilities to design and build new swimming pools utilizing our unique Fibre Tech coating.

There are a great many benefits and advantages that Fibre Tech brings to our customers, including an instant improvement in your property’s image and increasing the value of your property. Add to that the fact that our process provides a brilliant white, smooth surface that eliminates scraped knees and elbows, is much easier to clean, requires less chemicals and saves money on overall maintenance – and it’s easy to see why Fibre Tech is your best choice.

So exactly how does Fibre Tech save you money over time? The fact is that several months into operation of a pool resurfaced by Fibre Tech, a noticeable decrease should be observed in cleaning labor, chemical usage, heat loss and algae build-up. The Fibre Tech surface actually costs less in time and money in return for a sparkling fresh, new appearance. It’s a smart investment that’s worth every penny and is backed by an unsurpassed 25-year limited warranty – so you know your investment is protected. With Fibre Tech, you definitely get the most for your money.

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