The Fibre Tech Pool Preserver Process is the number one choice throughout the pool resurfacing industry for many reasons – including the fact that it is proven to outlast and outperform every other swimming pool resurfacing method available.


We have earned a reputation as the best in the industry because we use the best materials, including 100% Owens Corning® Fiberglass mat that is encased between three layers of our specially manufactured resin. In addition to using only top quality materials, we utilize highly skilled and experienced technicians and work crews to ensure optimum results on every project. The end result is a sparkling white, durable surface that bonds to concrete yet remains flexible to movement.


Our six-step process can be applied quickly to any structurally sound surface from concrete to marcite, plaster, aluminum, and steel gunite. The quality and reliability of a Fibre Tech surface is unsurpassed, as evidenced by the 25-year limited warranty we provide to every client. Most other pool resurfacing products and processes offer much shorter warranties – with some providing none at all. In fact, when you compare Fibre Tech to other materials, our product provides major benefits in areas including attractiveness, algae and stain resistance, and reduced chemical usage.Versatile and permanent, the Fibre Tech surface is ideal for renovating indoor and outdoor pools or other surfaces – and we can also design and build a new facility for you. Our process can be used for a wide variety of applications including swimming pools, spas, storage tanks, zoo exhibits, water rides, fountains and more.


Our company developed the Fibre Tech process in 1986 in an effort to create a better pool resurfacing process. Recognizing that some concrete pools can begin to deteriorate less than two years after resurfacing, we knew the time had come for a technique designed to surpass the short-term characteristics of all other resurfacing methods. The details of our unique six-step process are as follows.

Step One: Pool Preparation

We prepare the pool by grinding and smoothing the surface to remove contaminants.

Step Two: FibreLock Kote (FLK)

After preparing the surface, the Fiber Lock Kote is applied. Fiber Lock Kote is a unique product developed by Fibre Tech to create the strongest cohesive bond possible.

Step Three: Resin Application

Next, we carefully apply the first coat of Fibre Tech resin.

Step Four: Fiberglass Mat

Next, a layer of Owens Corning® Fiberglass mat mat is hand-laid while the first resin coat is still damp.

Step Five: Smoothing the Surface

The Surface is gently sanded one last time and another layer of resin is applied.

Step Six: Finishing Coat

We coat the pool one last time with our Fibre Tech resin filling the abrasion caused during step five. This coat gives our product our unparalleled sheen and smoothness.

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