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Fibre Tech not only offers residential pool refinishing, but also commercial pool resurfacing as well. The commercial applications of Fibre Tech range from hotel swimming pools to water parks, water fountains, sea aquariums, zoological settings, industrial applications and more. Over the years, countless businesses and corporations have come to trust Fibre Tech to transform their resurfacing problems into beautiful solutions that result in major improvements.

What makes Fibre Tech different and better than our competition is the fact that our high quality, innovative resurfacing process outlasts and outperforms every other surface available on the market today.

We utilize only the best materials available, which enables us to offer an incredible 25-year limited warranty on our coatings. Compare that to other pool resurfacing processes such as marcite, vinyl and painting that offer little or no warranty and the difference is obvious – Fibre Tech is the best by far. In addition, a Fibre Tech coating can be installed within a matter of a few days – resulting in very little downtime for your facility.

At Fibre Tech we have the experience and expertise to resurface any facility regardless of size, shape or existing materials. The Fibre Tech process was specifically designed for any situation where a structurally sound, waterproof barrier is needed

Our swimming pool resurfacing process creates a super smooth, highly durable surface that lasts for decades. Our unique coatings permanently adhere to concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, asphalt or virtually any structurally sound surface. As a result, any type of facility, tank or container designed to hold liquid can be resurfaced and greatly improved by Fibre Tech.

When it comes to commercial pool surface maintenance and renovations, we are the industry’s leading experts – having resurfaced numerous pools for hotel chains, universities, government facilities and more. In addition to installing our Fibre Tech coating, our pool services include building code and health code upgrades, performing compliance surveys to ensure pools meet all codes, and obtaining all permits that may be needed. Fibre Tech handles all of the details – making the entire process fast and easy for our customers.

In addition to thousands of swimming pool resurfacingprojects, Fibre Tech has successfully completed many projects in zoological settings including creating or renovating otter tanks at zoos, manatee tanks at a marine science center, numerous koi ponds and much more. Other commercial projects we have completed include industrial applications on tanks and containers holding hazardous materials.

Fibre Tech is also a leader when it comes to environmental concerns. Durability and strength can be key in certain containment situations. Our coatings have been thoroughly tested and proven dependable in even the most remote locations. Whether it’s swimming pools, water treatment plants or aquariums – keeping water or chemicals in or out – Fibre Tech provides ideal solutions.

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Fibre Tech for commercial applications is that our coatings greatly reduce maintenance time and operating costs. Facilities resurfaced with Fibre Tech will experience a noticeable decrease in cleaning labor, chemical usage, heat loss and algae build-up. Our process also eliminates the need for acid washing, wire brushing and repeated resurfacing. When you consider the fact that some concrete pools can begin to deteriorate less than two years after resurfacing, Fibre Tech can save you tens of thousands of dollars in resurfacing costs alone over the years.

There are also many more benefits that you will enjoy when you resurface your facility with Fibre Tech.

Include the fact that our unique process is a long-term solution to cracks, leaks, costly maintenance fees and appearance problems. Our most important goal is customer satisfaction – and our company has a proven record for quality, integrity and outstanding service. And with a 25-year limited warranty that is the absolute best in the business, you know that your investment will be well protected.

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