Commercial Swimming Pools

Providing Resurfacing Services for Commercial Swimming Pools

At Fibre Tech®, we are committed to providing you with a long-term solution to address the problems with your swimming pool, such as cracks, leaks, or stains. We achieve this by offering a high-quality, innovative pool resurfacing process that outlasts and outperforms every other service on the market today.

What We Do

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

You can rely on us to work on your commercial swimming pool to create a super smooth and highly durable surface that will last decades. When you trust us, you can expect that we will use only the best materials available to ensure the quality of our work. Our team will also put a unique coating, which comes with a 25-year limited warranty, on your pool.

Our Coating

The Fibre Tech® coating was designed to create a waterproof barrier. This material will permanently adhere to concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, asphalt or virtually any structurally sound surface.

Our coating can be fully applied to your commercial pool within a few days, meaning you wouldn’t have much downtime for your facility. It will also greatly reduce your maintenance time and operating costs, which can help you gain more profit.

Other Services

In addition to offering exceptional pool resurfacing services, you can count on us for the following:

  • Building and Health Code Upgrades
  • Compliance Surveys
  • Permit Acquisition

Our team has successfully completed several projects in zoological settings, including creating and renovating otter and manatee tanks, koi ponds, and more. We have also worked on tanks and containers that were made to hold hazardous materials.

Featured Projects

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