How to choose the right color?

What Color Should my pool be?

How do I choose the right color for my swimming pool surface? Does your company have colors to choose from? Will it make my water blue? These are some questions we commonly get asked by potential customers. The short answer is Yes, we do offer white and blue for our pool surface. Many companies will…

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Fiberglass Resurfacing: Our 6 Step Process

Fiberglass 6 step process by Fibre Tech

Fibre Tech Fiberglass Resurfacing If you are a homeowner in the midst of a home improvement project, you know that your yard is the first thing seen and it can change the whole aesthetic of the property. Don’t forget to give it the care it needs. Many spend a decent amount of time in their…

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How Far is Too Far Gone?

swimming pool resurfacing

When is it time to resurface vs. buying a brand-new pool? Our team regularly gets asked if the pools we inspect are salvageable or too far gone for repair. We can save most pools, but the real questions to ask yourself are how much do you want changed? How much are you willing to spend?…

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Build & Maintain Your Own Swimming Pool

family by swimming pool

Looking for an epic way to spend your summers? Consider adding a swimming pool to your home to create the ultimate staycation, day after day. Nothing says home like sipping a soda poolside as you watch the kids playing a game of Marco Polo or swimming laps for an all-body cardio workout in a refreshing…

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Commercial Pool Repair Secrets

Hotels, gyms, water parks and other commercial pool facilities depend on Fibre Tech. Your visitors do not want to see poor water quality, cracks in the perimeter or a peeling liner when they come to your facility for a swim. We truly want to help you keep your pool surface in top condition for as…

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