Why Zoos & Aquariums Trust Fibre Tech

Why Zoos & Aquariums Trust Fibre Tech
12/8/2016 1:50:14 PM

In addition to thousands of swimming pool resurfacing projects, Fibre Tech has successfully completed many projects in zoological settings including creating or renovating otter tanks at zoos, manatee tanks at a marine science center, numerous koi ponds and aquariums.

zoos and aquariums need pool surfacing from Fibre Tech

Resurfacing any water feature - whether it be a swimming pool, an aquarium, a zoological habitat, or even a decorative fountain - with a Fibre Tech surface greatly reduces costly maintenance and operating needs.

Fibre Tech coatings permanently adhere to concrete, steel, aluminum, asphalt or any other structurally sound surface where a seamless, waterproof barrier is needed. After installation, Fibre Tech will incur a noticeable decline in the amount of chemicals needed for maintenance, heat loss, cleaning labor, and algae build-up native to water features.

The Fibre Tech process (PDF) is an ideal addition to the inner surfaces of an aquarium or zoological habitat in need of constant care. Fibre Tech eliminates acid washing, wire brushing and remarciting, saving up to 35-50% in chemical costs.

How do we do it? Five easy steps:

  • First, Fiber Tech technicians grind the pool surface to make it smooth and contaminant-free. All surface cracks and imperfections are sealed and remedied.
  • Next, the FibreLock Kote is applied, offering the strongest cohesive bond possible. FibreLock Kote fills surface pores, making the Fibre Tech coating affix evenly and securely.
  • The first coat of Fibre Tech resin is applied. This resin is sturdy, yet pliable, so it will not shrink, warp, or detach, and it is designed to work in chemically-treated environments.
  • Next, a layer of Owens-Corning Fiberglas mat is applied while the Fibre Tech resin is still damp. The mat is specifically hand-laid to provide even application.
  • Finally, the second layer of Fibre Tech resin is applied while special tools smooth the fiberglass coating, fitting it precisely to the contours of your aquatic space. The surface is then hand-sanded to remove any sharp ridges. At this point, all air pockets are eliminated and the layers merge into one, cohesive resin. After sanding, a third and final layer is applied, making the Fibre Tech addition look polished and natural.

Whether working with world-class zoo exhibits and aquariums or a backyard swimming pool, we value customer satisfaction above all else. We use the best materials available and 100% Owens Corning Fiberglas to provide long-term satisfaction.

Unlike other resurfacing methods, Fibre Tech withstands the normal surface deterioration prevalent in concrete pools. Fibre Tech outlasts and outperforms other surfaces on the market today. Therefore, we feel confident in offering our 25-year warranty from the date of application

Our warranty is ensures that any cracks, chipping or water leakage that may arise will be repaired accordingly. 

Your exhibitions deliver family-friendly fun and a humane environment for animals and marine life. Fibre Tech delivers quality and customer satisfaction, letting you do what you you do best!

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