Refinishing Your Pool: Marcite or Fiberglass?

Refinishing Your Pool: Marcite or Fiberglass?
5/17/2016 11:10:57 AM

Pool chemicals and the elements can really do a number on a swimming pool. At some point, every pool will need to be refinished. If your pool has lost its luster, it’s time to think about pool refinishing. The question is, which popular refinishing option will you choose, marcite or fiberglass?



Marcite, also known as plaster, is watertight. But, due to its porous nature, marcite invites algae to breed. Unfortunately, cleaning becomes a chore, leaving behind unsightly stains. The only way to get rid of them is by closing the pool and using an acid wash, which then shortens the life of the plaster.


Heavy metals found within pool chemicals can also cause staining, and slowly break down the pool surface, making it rough and scratchy over time. Cracks may begin to appear as the pool ages. Plaster resurfacing may not successfully "stick” to the previous plaster application. A pool refinished in marcite typically needs refinishing every five to seven years.



Fiberglass, as a nonporous material, is naturally algae resistant, thus requiring less pool chemicals over time. Choosing fiberglass as a pool finish can reduce the use of chemicals by up to 30%, resulting in a pool that’s easier on eyes, hair, and swim suits. Fiberglass resists staining and cracking, and can handle wear and tear with ease. This swimming pool finish often outlasts marcite by many years. Considering its use of fewer chemicals and its longevity, fiberglass can be a budget-saver for the long-term.


How To Choose the Material


Still, what material you choose will depend on location, prep work, your budget, and the availability of your local contractors or pool company.



If you are unsure of which pool material you want, it may help narrow your choices by calling local companies and seeing what their options are. Depending on how far your pool materials need to be shipped, as well as if there is much in the way of area competition, can easily help you make up your mind.



How bad is the condition of your pool? The more prep work that needs to be done, the more the price of refinishing your pool will be driven up. There’s no way to cut corners here or you run the risk of having to redo it all over again in the near future.


Other Upgrades

While getting to work on refinishing your pool, you may have noticed that the pool deck, lining, or coping are in need of a little TLC. Maybe the pool came with your home and the pump, plumbing, and filter could use some help. If any of those things are in need of replacement, this would be the time to do it. Look for a package deal to help you save money.


Aim for at least three bids. If you have previously worked with one of the contractors before, if the relationship was a good one, and the contractor was dependable, then by all means stick with her/him. Otherwise, you will want to get multiple opinions. Always ask for references and get everything in writing. You can always hire a pool plasterer directly by searching the National Plasterers Council website.

When it comes to longevity, budget, and style, fiberglass is the clear winner. For pool refinishing that lasts, contact Fibre Tech today. Your pool will thank you.

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