Economic Advantages of Fibre Tech

Economic Advantages of Fibre Tech
6/8/2015 10:20:52 AM

Fibre Tech pool finishing has a wide range of benefits, from increased beauty and decreased pool surface maintenance and pool finish maintenance to increased pool economics. While the beauty of everyone’s pool is often paramount, seasoned pool owners know that the economics of a pool can be the most important factor over the long term.

Finishing or refinishing your pool with Fibre Tech will help decrease your overall pool finish maintenance costs, via a number of economic advantages with Fibre Tech…

To help you make the move to a Fibre Tech solution for pool surface maintenance, keep reading to learn its major economic benefits:

1. Increased property value

A Fibre Tech pool maintains its beauty over the long-term, and increases the beauty of the pool immediately. It also decreases on-going maintenance. Both of these can increase the overall value of your home and property.

2. Safer

Safety might not seem like a major economic concern, but the scraped knees, elbows and the infections they can cause are not only problematic but can also be expensive to care for. Also, safety is a major benefit all across the board—because safety is priceless.

3. Less chemicals

Any pool owner can tell you that the chemicals needed to keep a pool in ideal shape in terms of water condition are expensive. A Fibre Tech pool uses significantly less chemicals, which is not only easier on the wallet, but also on your eyes and skin.

4. Decreased maintenance

If time is money, then cutting down on a significant amount of pool maintenance is priceless. Pool finish maintenance and overall care can take up to two hours every week… and these are two hours that you aren’t enjoying your pool. If you’re paying a pool maintenance company, then you know the exact savings (both time and financial).

5. Decreased cleaning

Cleaning can be the bane of a pool owners’ existence. Filter cleaning, skimming, backwashing, wall/floor brushing—it can feel like it never ends. If time is money then pool cleaning is a black hole.

6. Less heat loss

Pools with Fibre Tech retain more heat than their counterparts. This decreased heat loss can lead to hundreds of dollars off your energy bill annually.

7. Less algae buildup

If you get algae buildup in your pool,like many, you probably call a professional pool company. Those service calls however are expensive and can cost hundreds of dollars. Fibre Tech decreases the potential for algae build up, saving time, worry and dollars.

8. Less water replacement

There are a number of pool health issues that can lead to replacing its water—either in part or in its entirety. If you’re in an area with a high cost of water, this can be extremely expensive to do on a regular basis. Fibre Tech lasts a long time, and helps combat expensive leaks and cracks.

9. Lower total cost of ownership

When you combine all the above with our 25-year warranty you’re looking at a lower overall total cost of ownership. This is an especially important factor for those looking to keep their pool for the long-term (and avoiding pool-owning ‘burnout’).

The cost of not using Fibre Tech for pool finish maintenance is significant. Of course not all of its benefits can be boiled down to dollars and cents for pool surface maintenance, there’s also increased safety and the beauty that it brings. When making the decision about whether to leverage Fibre Tech, consider all the benefits. For a specific cost analysis, however, simply give us a call.

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